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V. Kuznetsov. cook, restaurant «Parq». Lugano

Recently I met with a firm Agrico, friends advised. All clearly explained to me, showed a few suggestions, explained the difference in insurance. Quickly, without a long wait, very pleased, I advise everyone!

p.s. free for client.

Igor Mendrisio

Thanks for the help! Very qualified advice and support in choosing the best insurance services. Special thanks for prompt response to emerging issues.



Quickly filled out all the documents, the insurance was ready on time. In addition, Helen helped on a human level, to understand the documents, always connected, never futbollit, always answers briefly and to the point and really solve the problem. We Express our gratitude to Elena from our family! And recommend her as a responsible and operational assistant in these matters!


А.К. Director of trading company

Elena and her company are high - level professionals, they will not only help you choose the best solution, but also help you after the contract with the insurance. For several years I had the insurance of a French company, which communicated only in French, respectively, I only paid contributions, but never took advantage of the insurance, because I just did not understand what I am entitled to and how it all works. With Elena, everything was completely different: she found the best option for me with discounts and bonuses, with a contract in English and an easy interface for communicating with the insurance company.

A huge thank you to her and my recommendations!!!

Sardarbek Mairykov & Saliman Tashtanalieva

It is a great pleasure for me to share my opinion about the work of the agent. I am grateful to Elena for her willingness to help and her professionalism. None of my query remained unanswered.

Maksim Prigozhin

Good afternoon, I have been working with Aricol SA since 2016 and would like to note the high professional level of the company's employees, personal approach to customer needs, chat and swarm the provision of services in Poor optimal solution. The company's service is the best for the client. I am very pleased that I found information about Aricol CA and used the services of the company.

Hello, since 2016, I use the services of Agricole SA and would like to note the high professional level of specialists, individual approach to customer needs, timely execution of services to find the best solution in the market. Aricol services are free for the customer. I am very glad that I found this company and used their services.


Maksyutov Family

 I arrived with my family in Geneva in early 2017. In addition to other difficulties the Swiss bureaucracy, in addition to addressing issues for the development of housing, placement of children in school, etc. the most sophisticated financial and logistics was the issue with the organization of health insurance. For a person ignorant of the Western system of health insurance , and even more unaware of the French language, this so inherently difficult system will seem at the beginning of absolutely nightmarish!

And I was incredibly lucky when I was accidentally recommended to Elena. With this moment all became much easier. Consulting with her, I quickly found the optimal insurance company, chose a very good price option. All this against the background of my ignorance of the French with the full support and assistance of Helena, down to the handwritten fill Elena multipage application forms. So this story about the health insurance quickly and ended quickly.

That's what I thought at the time. I realized that the medical insurance story was just beginning. If you stay in Switzerland, there is thousands of major and minor, urgent and not so urgent, standard and non-standard situations, suddenly appear a lot of questions popping up some strange nuances and complex situations, etc. etc. And here the key role is played by the consultant of health insurance.

I passed this stage of justification in Switzerland, and I understand those who will pass it, and I will tell at once that it will be difficult. I would like to sincerely wish the new arrivals to think carefully when choosing not only the company namely the consultant, the key link between you and the insurance company. Justify:

First, the professionalism of Elena. No matter what situation you find yourself in, given the many nuances in the overly complicated Swiss system of medical insurance, Elena approaches each issue very meticulously and carefully. She didn't just offer the best out of the situation, and will present to the "nose" at least 2-3 of the solution. I really appreciate it.

Secondly, Elena approaches his work with a soul! She doesn't just love her job - she loves working with people(!). It's worth a lot, believe me! Never ceases to amaze me when she picks up the phone on the tenth call during the week and normal simplicity can at least half an hour to explain certain issues. If anything is required from her, she does her best to resolve them. Believe me, in our difficult time of such people as they say and a candle in the afternoon will not find.

Third, thinking as they say "out of box"! She has that. In the event of a non-standard situation, and this often occurs in Switzerland, Elena will always offer a very creative way out of the situation. I think template-thinking Europeans would never have thought of such decisions. It's always distinguished "our" from the Europeans)))

In General, dear readers, think about choosing a consultant, namely, select Helena.

At home, we have a saying close neighbor is better than a distant relative, and in Switzerland I would reformulate this saying to "a good consultant is better than a distant relative"! That's true! Elena thank you again and we hope for fruitful cooperation!!! YOU MADE MY LIFE EASIER IN GENEVA!
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Skryll Ioannina

I would like to Express my gratitude to Elena for her help in obtaining insurance. She is really a great specialist in this field. Clearly explained the types of insurance that include insurance from different companies.Very patiently answered the questions at any convenient time for me.  Explained what insurance companies in our Canton provide better services. As a result, my health insurance came out cheaper than my husband ( he issued in another company before), but includes much more services. Elena also proposed to revise the property insurance and found an option with more coverage and better value. It helped to save our family budget while improving the quality of insurance. And now Elena at any time and always willing to help. Now for insurance coverage only to it!


Jozsef. Lugano

Very highly professional service with individual and patient approach to the client. Anyone recommend a huge savings of money and time. Always in touch, almost 24, instant answer to any question you have and quick solution to any problem. In addition to clear and timely implementation of all agreements, our costs of medical and auto insurance were down 20% if not more, with a reasonable selection really want for us the service pack. I did not believe, but came to Switzerland was sorry time to understand all the nuances. I decided to try to work with a brokerage company and did not regret it. The client does not pay for the service directly, all payments between the broker and the insurance company.

E. Leshchenko. Lugano 

Thank you for helping with the insurance,

I will join the comment above, describing Elena as a professional in their field, helped me with health insurance and the car is also issued through it. In General efficiency in the solution of any insurance situation its strong point.

S. Fornara. Lugano 

Elena is a good example of the true professional agent!

Strange as it sounds, but is first and foremost your interests, not the insurance company! Scrupulousness, thoroughness of analysis of the situation And Elena's persistence amaze! I recommend everyone to save health and insurance benefits!

Family Garbulinski. Lugano 

Friends, I would like to leave your opinion about the work of the Agency Agricole SA, in particular Russian-speaking agent. Lena is a true professional in her field. Thoroughly, even scrupulously, studied all our wishes and provided us with full information about all the intricacies of honey.insurances. Very quickly picked up our family a profitable option in another company. The new option cost CHF 120 less per month for a family, and we get more options than before. Super!

In addition, I especially want to note that Elena is a very pleasant person in communication: friendly, calm, and always business! We are pleased to continue to cooperate on car insurance.

Thank you very much, Elena, for your help and cooperation!


A. Kartashova. Lugano

Great company!!! High professionalism!!!

I want to share my experience about health insurance. Up to this point, colleagues of the husband advised a insurance company and her husband, trusting them to take out insurance in the same company and roughly the same conditions ( as all family people). Every year the price gradually increased, but we thought that it was necessary, and nothing changed until I accidentally met a nice Russian girl - broker, which I answered a long hung in the air questions. In the end, I wanted to understand deeper in all the intricacies of our family med. thanks to Lenochka, we were able not only to reduce the cost by 20% per year (and this is an impressive amount), but also to improve the insurance to the maximum:

- all in the family ( not only the child) to make additional outpatient coverage and hospitalization,

- plus compensation for a gym ( each),

- plus compensation for lenses and glasses ( not just the child),

- and most importantly, was possible ( thanks to the explanations of the Lena river) to stay in the old insurance company only

one point - orthodontics ( in our case, the child is not easy - we are engaged in teeth for 5 years, changed

2 doctors (that's another story), and it's not the end).

As a result, the results exceeded all expectations: for a smaller amount ( again - by 20 %), we have included a lot of services and have saved quite a lot.

Thanks to Elena, we learned a lot of subtleties in insurance, which is not written in brochures or advertising leaflets. Elena offered us a number of options on our preferences with accurate calculations and provided us with invaluable assistance.

With pleasure once again we will work with Lenochka, in 3 months the leasing of our 2 cars comes to an end, we plan to issue insurance in this company, I am sure Elena will pick up to us the best option.

Thank you very much.


Sergey. Lucerne

Elena is a very pleasant person and an excellent professional, fundamentally versed in the matter. I already settled in Switzerland, and I already had the cheapest, as it seemed to me, insurance. Nevertheless, Elena was able to find me an even more profitable option, explained in detail the difference between insurance and quickly and professionally all I issued and continued to inform me promptly and professionally on any issues. As a result, I got a great insurance, and even with advanced features, which I then came in handy. Insured for almost 2 years and happy. While my old insurance has been raising prices all the time, and if I had it insured, I would pay more for less features and services.


Savin Family 

Elena, we would like to thank you for the excellent work on insurance for our family! You have coped with the task, took into account our wishes and answered all 99 questions :) And was nice and friendly, keep calm.

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